I am available for music promotional writing including bios, press releases, and liner notes. 

I've worked with record labels, pr firms, and independent artists across a variety of genres.

I work remotely as well as locally.  

This work unites my decade of music journalism experience with my extensive creative writing background to create memorable documents.

I want you to be as exciting in print as you are in stereo.

Please contact me via the form below or at erinlyndalmartin at gmail.com to discuss your project.

Jon Borcherding gives life to music, to the crafting of songs with secret passageways and carefully chosen, natural imagery. He has a knack for assembling an inspired cast of musicians who elevate each song.

from The Far Field bio

Through out Fallin’ Thru, Torrisi combines infectious pop melodies with moody electronica, crystallizing the exhilaration and fear that accompany a fall. Torrisi is telling us falling in love is playing with fire, and reminds us that fire can also keep us warm.

from bio for Jessie Torrisi's "Fallin Thru"

If you were to get lost while driving through a somewhat familiar ghost town, and you happened upon an old white church whose paint was chipping off, Jeff German’s music would be playing inside. His new record, 12 Packs and 8 Tracks and Black & White TV, is a soundtrack not just for the journey but for the experience of being lost.

from Jeff German's bio for "12 Packs and 8 Tracks and Black & White TV"

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